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A few short months ago, I was privileged to meet a community  of caring and supportive parents who met weekly for fellowship and support. We had all been through some difficult situations, in one form or another, and finding other people who understood where we had been , and what we had been through, was beyond cathartic.  At the end of our weekly sessions, we took down requests for prayer, and we made a pact to prayer for each other, and for our children, during the following week.  As we were faithful to pray for each other, God was faithful to bless us and honor our requests.  It was a wonderful time.

It was my task to make a list of the prayer requests, and send out an email to each person who attended our group, so that we would remember to pray for each request.  For me, this was a relatively simple task, and because  I enjoy writing, I embellished each list a little, with a little story or verse, for the reading pleasure of those who received my emails.

However, this weekly task remained for me just this; it was a task that I had been given, and I tried to do it as well as I could.  I am a little bit cynical in many ways, and I didn’t let myself believe that “God was using me”, or “speaking through me” in what I had written.  However, one particular week, after  I had written something that  I thought was particularly lame,  I came to class, and a friend shared with me, that she had been feeling much the same things I had shared about that week, in my weekly email, and it had helped her.  That moment to me, was a glimpse of something that was more than just my enjoyment of writing. Perhaps there could be a purpose to my written word.

After much encouragement from my friends, and my husband, to continue writing in some form, this blog was born.  I hope you enjoy it.


“Alive, I’m Christ’s messenger; dead, I’m his bounty. Life versus even more life! I can’t lose.  As long as I’m alive in this body, there is good work for me to do. “–Philippians 121,22  The Message

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